List Of Inflight Magazines in India

List Of Inflight Magazines in India

List Of Inflight Magazines in India

List of Inflight Magazines in India – Are you looking for Aviation Magazines List in India? You have landed at the right place. Aviation Spaces is an Inflight Magazine Advertising Agency pioneer in providing Inflight Media Solutions. We allow our clients the opportunity to use more than 120 media formats within airports and aeroplanes across the globe. Listed below are some of the leading Inflight magazines. 

List of Inflight Magazines in India –

•    Hello 6E (In-flight Magazine of IndiGo Airlines) 
• (In-flight Magazine of Air India) 
•    Vistara (In-flight Magazine of Vistara Airlines) 
•    Go Getter (In-flight Magazine of Go Air) 
•    Travel 360 (In-flight Magazine of Air Asia) 
•    SpiceRoute (In-flight Magazine of Spice-jet)

Hello 6E (In-flight Magazine of IndiGo Airlines) 

Hello 6E is an In-flight magazine of IndiGo Airlines, the largest airline in India by passengers carried and fleet size. IndiGo Airline carries nearly 40 lac passengers in a month thus making Hello 6E the most-read and accessible in-flight magazine in the country. Hello 6E is a shopping catalogue with product displays from various sectors.

Name of the Magazine: Hello 6E 
Name of Airlines: IndiGo 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: English 
No. of Monthly Flyers: Around 40 Lakh 
Fleet Size: 100 Aircraft 
Destinations: 80+ Domestic 
Print Run: 2 Lakh copies per month 
Readership: 50 Lakh+ per month 

Namaste AI (In-flight Magazine of Air India) 

Namaste AI is an In-flight magazine owned by Air India which is India’s national carrier- a full-service airline. The same magazine is available to passengers flying within India and outside. The content, in both English and Hindi, features travel articles from within India and international destinations, global lifestyle trends along with Indian traditions and interviews with global celebrities as well as Indian ones. 

Name of the Magazine: Namaste AI 
Name of Airlines: Air India 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: English & Hindi (Bi-lingual) 
No. of Monthly Flyers: Around 20 Lakh 
Fleet Size: 150 Aircraft 
Destinations: 120+ Globally 
Print Run: 3 Lakh copies per month 
Readership: 20 Lakh+ per month

Vistara (In-flight Magazine of Vistara Airlines)

Vistara is an In-flight magazine of Vistara Airlines which is a joint venture between the Tata Group and Singapore Airlines. This full-service airline is one of the most preferred aviation companies to fly in India. The magazine’s content includes articles that are focused on specialised topics in a tone that’s research-based and internationally focused. Articles on business strategies, economies and society, reinforce the brand’s aim to reach out primarily to businessmen and corporate and premium-class flyers.

Name of the Magazine: Vistara 
Name of Airlines: Vistara 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: English 
No. of Monthly Flyers: 6-8 Lakh 
Fleet Size: 21 Aircraft 
Destinations: 22 
Print Run: 65,000 copies per month 
Readership: 8 Lakh+ per month 

Go Getter (In-flight Magazine of Go Air)

Go Getter is the exclusive In-flight magazine which is under Go Air airways. Go-Air is a pocket-friendly airline which has been prevailing in the aviation industry since 2005. Go Air is an award-winning national airline covering almost all important cities of India. It has recorded an industry-leading 90% occupancy. The content covered in Go-Getter covers all the topics for travellers like best food, stay, hang-outs, finance and investment, Automobile, entertainment, Team Management, current affairs, sports, health and fitness etc.

Name of the Magazine: Go-Getter 
Name of Airlines: Go Air 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: English 
No. of Monthly Flyers: 11-12 Lakh 
Fleet Size: 33 Aircraft 
Destinations: 23 
Print Run: 1.10 Lakh copies per month 
Readership: 12 Lakh+ per month 

Travel 360 (In-flight magazine of Air Asia)

Travel 360 is an In-flight magazine of Air Asia India which is a joint venture between Air Asia and the Tata Group and has been recognized as the world’s best low-cost carrier globally. The magazine’s content covers topics dealing with highlights of the Indian destinations the airline flies to, and local culture and experiences to support the brand’s emphasis on being Indian at heart.

Name of the Magazine: Travel 360 
Name of Airlines: Air Asia India 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: English 
No. of Monthly Flyers: 6-8 Lakh 
Fleet Size: 18 Aircraft 
Destinations: 20 
Print Run: 70,000 copies per month 
Readership: 8+ Lakh per month 

SpiceRoute (In-flight Magazine of Spice-jet)

SpiceRoute is the monthly in-flight magazine of Spice Jet, one of the largest domestic carriers in India. Spice route magazine is designed to suit the personalities and interests of passengers travelling – young tech-savvy professionals, HNI individuals, Entrepreneurs, Students etc who travel frequently for both business and leisure. The magazine includes details of current happenings on the network, expert travel tips, 48-hour travel itineraries, seasonal recreation guides, city tours by local personalities, restaurant write-ups, the latest CD and movie reviews and quirky cultural insights – all served up in a spicy, colourful design.

Name of the Magazine: SpiceRoute 
Name of Airlines: Spice-Jet 
Frequency: Monthly 
Language: English 
No. of Monthly Flyers: 16-18 Lakh 
Fleet Size: 59 Aircraft 
Destinations: 55 
Print Run: 2, 75,000 copies per month 
Readership: 18+ Lakh per month 

Inflight Magazine Advertising Cost

Inflight Magazine Advertising Rates in India are based on several factors. One of the most important factors which decide the cost is the number of average flyers travelling via a specific carrier in a month. The more the average number of flyers, the higher the advertising cost of that particular plane will be.

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