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Hello 6E (In-flight Magazine of Indigo)

Hello 6E is the inflight magazine of IndiGo, one of the largest airlines in India, which caters to a monthly passenger count of over 70 lakhs, with 300 aircraft and over 1600 flights per day. The magazine is published monthly and is available in the English language, distributed to passengers traveling to over 100 destinations globally. With a readership of over 70+ lakhs per month, Hello 6E is a popular choice among IndiGo passengers, offering a range of content that appeals to a wide range of readers.

The magazine's audience is diverse, including business travelers, leisure travelers, and families, with a focus on travel, lifestyle, and culture. The magazine's content is the perfect companion for a diverse audience that wants to enhance their lifestyle, enrich their minds, and widen their experiences through the lens of travel.

Hello 6E's audience profile is well-traveled, stylish, socially connected, willing to spend on luxe and wellness products, interactive, and appreciates culture. The audience is young and diverse, keen to engage with content and media on different platforms, actively seeking out new avenues of infotainment, and open to advertising messages.

Regarding demographics, 70% of Hello 6E readers are in the age group of 22 to 45, 95% of readers are active on smart devices, 90% of the audience are urban dwellers, and 85% of the audience are corporates and entrepreneurs. With this information, advertisers can tailor their campaigns to reach the desired target audience, maximizing the impact of their advertisements.

275 +
1600 +
Filghts Per Day
60 Lakh+
Monthly Passengers

Aviation spaces work with Indigo airline and its publishing agencies to help brands reach their target audience through the Hello 6E magazine. They offer a range of services, including advertising campaign planning, creative development, and media buying. With Hello 6E's increasing number of flights and destinations, it offers a unique opportunity for brands to reach a diverse and captive audience. With its focus on travel, lifestyle, and culture, it is the perfect platform for advertisers looking to reach a broad and diverse audience.

The advertising rates for Hello 6E magazine vary depending on the size and placement of the ad, as well as the duration of the campaign. Advertisers can access detailed media kits with all the necessary information to make informed decisions. The Hello 6E Inflight Magazine Advertising Agency Contact Number is readily available to provide interested parties with more information on advertising opportunities in Hello 6E magazine. With Hello 6E's captive audience, advertisers can find the right fit for their advertising needs.

In conclusion, Hello 6E is a leading inflight magazine in India, offering a captive audience for brands looking to reach a diverse and well-traveled group of consumers. Its content, audience profile, and distribution make it an ideal platform for advertisers looking to make an impact. With the assistance of the Hello 6E Inflight Magazine Advertising Agency, brands can plan, develop, and execute effective campaigns that reach their desired target audience.

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