In-flight Magazines

The travel media landscape is rapidly expanding as more passengers take to the skies. In-flight magazines represent a highly effective means of engaging customers in a relaxed environment. These magazines seamlessly connect advertisers with discerning customers who seek exclusive products and experiences.

Airline Media

Since our establishment, we've consistently led the aviation transit media advertising sector. With a decade of unparalleled expertise, we've cultivated robust partnerships across Indian airlines, airports, metros, and taxis, delivering sophisticated & customized advertising options. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we continue to redefine industry standards.

Promotional Emailers

With Emailers, get direct access to the Airline consumer database where emails with customized messages from the advertisers, are delivered to customers’ inboxes.

Media Available on Spice Jet, Indigo, Go Air

Boarding Pass

A premium advertising option, available at the back of the customer boarding pass

Media Available on Spice Jet, Indigo, Go Air, Vistara, Air Asia, Air India

Tarmac Coach

Tarmac coaches are used for transporting passengers from the Airport Terminal to the Aircraft and back. These coaches offer a closed environment in which passengers can be exposed to your brand through branding on the panels & hand grabs.

Media Available on Indigo Airlines & Spice Jet

Step Ladder

As soon as a passenger climbs on the Ramp, the head-on and the side panels can be clearly seen and used for branding purposes.

Media Available in Indigo

Aircraft Wrap

Very premium advertising property available to showcase your brand

Media Available in Spice Jet

Product Sampling

Advertisers can sample their products like sachets, coupons, brochures, vouchers etc with the help of cabin crew during a flight. A direct handover not only creates more impact, but it also ensures high brand recall value and boosts sales. Product sampling/flyer distribution on board allows 99% of passengers to remember the brand.

Media Available on - Indigo, Spice jet, Go Air, Jet Airways & Air Asia


The flight crew members can deliver a customised announcement about your brand/product to passengers through the inflight PA system grabbing the attention of the maximum audience.

Media Available on Spice Jet, Indigo, Go Air, Vistara, Air Asia, Air India

Menu Cards

Available inside the back pocket for every passenger. A good way to connect with them while they search for food options.

Media Available on Spice Jet & Go Air

Headrest Cover

Placed on the headrest of every single seat in such a way that once a passenger takes his seat, the ad is right in front of him. High Visibility & High Recall!

Media Available on Spice Jet & Go Air


2 Bulkheads in the front and 2 bulkheads in the rear. Option of placing different creatives on different bulkheads. No clutter, large format, and long dwell time ensure extremely high visibility & recall.

Media Available on Spice jet Airlines

Seatback Devices

Our flagship product- placed right in front of every passenger, on the meal tray tables. Each seatback in a row is visible to all 3 passengers.

Media Available on Spice jet, Air India, Go Air, Indigo, Air Asia & Vistara Airlines

Beverage Cups

Offer great visibility to not only the user but also the adjoining passengers.

Media Available on Spice Jet, Indigo.

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Aviation Spaces specializes in providing holistic 360⁰ communication solutions, encompassing tailored catalog/book publishing, innovative content creation and design, cutting-edge digital media services, and proficient event management. With over a decade of experience since our inception in 2012, we've emerged as a prominent figure in the aviation transit media advertising industry. Our core competency lies in transit media, fostering strategic partnerships with Indian airlines, airports, metros, and taxi services.

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