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Relaunched in May 2023, British Airways' High Life magazine has undergone a transformation tailored for the discerning tastes of modern, luxury-seeking travelers—those who possess both the passion and resources to curate unforgettable international journeys and experiences.

Targeting a select audience of 35,000 Gold-tier Executive Club members, British Airways' most esteemed clientele, High Life magazine also reaches an additional 7,500 readers within the airline's exclusive airport lounges. This bi-monthly publication is strategically crafted to resonate with its core Generation X demographic (aged 45+), comprising frequent flyers who traverse the globe for both business and leisure pursuits, addressing their interests and preferences directly.

High Life magazine, a recipient of multiple prestigious awards, showcases contributions from renowned writers, household-name talents, and industry experts, offering a unique perspective on the world of travel. With its print edition anchored on three robust editorial pillars—British Style, Original Takes, and Premium Utility—High Life provides an immersive environment to connect with readers.

Under the banner of British Style, High Life exudes confidence and optimism, unapologetically making bold statements. Through Original Takes, the magazine presents trusted yet innovative narratives, shedding new light on British Airways destinations and inviting readers into the lives of diverse individuals. Meanwhile, Premium Utility ensures that High Life's stories and guides deliver invaluable insights and expertise, empowering readers to enhance their travel knowledge and effectively plan their adventures.

In essence, British Airways' High Life magazine represents a beacon of sophistication and inspiration for modern travelers, offering a curated blend of content that speaks directly to their desires and aspirations, elevating the inflight reading experience to new heights of luxury and relevance.

British Style

High Life speaks with confidence and optimism – and isn’t afraid to make a statement

Original Take

Trusted, but never predictable, High Life stories shine a new light on BA destinations and take the reader into people's worlds.

Premium Utility

High Life’s stories and guides bring insight and expertise that adds to readers’ know-how and helps them plan their time

High Life Editorial Calendar







Jan/Feb 2 December 6 December 2 January
Mar/Apr 2 February 6 February 2 March
May/Jun 2 April 6 April 2 May
Jul/ Aug 2 June 6 June 2 July
Sep/Oct 2 August 6 August 2 September
Nov/Dec 2 October 6 October 2 November

The Airline

Fleet Composition: British Airways maintains a diverse fleet comprising approximately 250 aircraft, encompassing modern aircraft models such as Airbus A320, A350, and Boeing 777, along with fuel-efficient Boeing 787 Dreamliners, strategically chosen to optimize operational efficiency and passenger experience.

Global Network: Renowned for its extensive global connectivity, British Airways operates flights to over 180 destinations worldwide, spanning key business and leisure hubs across Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia, facilitating vital links for both corporate and leisure travelers.

Passenger Traffic: British Airways consistently serves a substantial volume of passengers annually, reflecting its position as a leading international carrier. Passenger traffic metrics, including load factors and passenger yield, are closely monitored to ensure optimal route profitability and passenger satisfaction.

Delve into the dynamic realm of advertising opportunities with British Airways' esteemed inflight publication, High Life magazine. Tailored to captivate the discerning tastes of millions of travelers worldwide, High Life magazine offers an unrivaled platform for brands seeking to make a lasting impression at 30,000 feet. Collaborating with top-tier advertising agencies specialized in aviation marketing, businesses can curate bespoke campaigns that resonate with High Life's diverse readership, ensuring maximum exposure and engagement.

Unlock the skies to unparalleled marketing potential with British Airways inflight magazine, High Life. Position your brand amidst the pages of this prestigious publication to tap into a captive audience of affluent and influential travelers, transcending borders and elevating your brand's global presence.

While advertising costs within High Life magazine may vary based on factors such as placement and campaign duration, the investment yields undeniable returns, propelling brands to new heights of success. Seize the opportunity to connect with consumers in a premium environment where every advertisement becomes a gateway to customer conversion and brand loyalty.

Embark on a journey of marketing excellence with High Life magazine, British Airways' premier inflight publication, where each advertisement transcends boundaries and propels brands toward soaring success.

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