About Aviation Spaces

“The greatest benefit of Airline media advertisement is that it becomes easy to address & target groups and business travellers who are difficult to reach via other media.”

Airline media advertising is a part of out-of-home advertising where the brands try to reach the target audience who are travelling for work or leisure purposes. Observing the current scenario, it would be wrong to say that only affluent people opt for airline travel. The sudden rise in airline passengers is a result of lower travel fares, easy online ticket booking, availability of wide airline options to choose from and attractive travel packages. On a global scale, passengers travelling via aeroplane are expected to maintain positive growth rates up to 2030. Aviation Spaces is the pioneer in providing Inflight Media Solutions. We allow our clients the opportunity to use more than 120 media formats within airports and aeroplanes across the globe. Whether on the ground in baggage claim or on the overhead bins 30,000 feet in the air, your advertising message will be placed directly in front of millions of potential customers.

About Aviation Spaces

Airlines advertising is the most target-specific advertising technique. The greatest benefit of Airline media advertisement is that it becomes easy to address & target decision-makers, business tycoons and influential people who are difficult to reach via other media. Turning awareness and inspiration into engagement, Aviation Spaces is the best service provider of Airline Branding And Advertising In India.

The advantage of an Airlines Advertisement is that by putting up ads at the airport announcement, on boarding passes, inflight magazines, headrest covers, bulkhead, food trays & cups etc., the passengers are compelled to have a look and thus the ads cannot go unnoticed. According to research conducted out of 10 people who read in-flight magazines, 7 act upon the content of it. Aviation Spaces is always on the roll to bring out new and interactive ways to advertise your brand.

Aviation Spaces provide strong strategies to increase visibility and engage audiences to deliver experiences that attract, delight & retain customers to drive your business forward using airline advertising. We work closely with domestic airline networks and provide clients with the best rates & innovative advertising types. Our team know that the audience is everything, and we strive to connect with them in meaningful ways and drive a strong relationship between brands and customers.

Advantages of In-flight Advertisement

Captive Audience

Unlike other modes of travel, people on planes are disconnected from the outside world. In-flight advertising get undivided attention of the captive audience for around 2 hours.

World Wide Reach

Whether based on geographical origin, routes or destination, the possibilities of reach with inflight advertising are truly endless!

Premium Audience

People travelling by flight are usually corporate workers or affluent individuals having high purchasing power and intent.

High Recurrence of Exposure

In-flight media has a high-recurrence exposure to regular customers who are the influencing individuals and ultimate leaders.

Some Incredible Facts About In-flight Advertising

  • An Inflight advertising promotion creates a generally speaking 25% positive change in intent to buy.
  • 81% of the voyagers read Inflight advertising .
  • Travellers spend a normal of 30-40 minutes on Inflight advertising on a homegrown flight.
  • 7 out of 10 follow up on the data given in Inflight media.
  • 94% of individuals feel that Inflight advertising is seriously striking.
  • Test overviews show roughly 77% of travellers recall the brand in the wake of leaving the aeroplane.
  • The enthralled crowd is effectively connected by promotions for an average of 1 - 2.5 hours on board.
  • Inflight media gives the open door to a brand to stand apart from the pack.

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