Go Getter Magazine Advertising

Go Getter Magazine Advertisement

Go Getter is a highly popular inflight magazine that is distributed among FlyGoFirst passengers. This low-cost airline in India has a significant passenger count of 14 lakh per month, with 45 aircraft and 290 flights per day. The magazine is published monthly in English and is distributed to passengers traveling to 35 destinations worldwide. With a readership of over 14+ lakh per month, Go Getter is a favorite among FlyGoFirst passengers.

The magazine offers a diverse range of content that caters to different types of travelers, including business travelers, leisure travelers, and families. Its focus on travel, lifestyle, and culture makes Go Getter the perfect companion for readers who want to enhance their lifestyle, enrich their minds, and widen their experiences through travel. For advertisers looking to reach a broad and diverse audience, Go Getter is an ideal platform. Its audience is young and diverse, actively seeking out new ways to engage with content and media. They are open to advertising messages, making Go Getter a great choice for brands looking to reach a broad and diverse audience.

Demographically, the majority of Go Getter readers are in the age group of 22 to 45, making them a prime target for brands looking to reach a young and dynamic audience. Additionally, 95% of Go Getter readers are active on smart devices, making them easily accessible to brands through digital advertising. The magazine's audience is mostly comprised of urban dwellers, with 90% of its readership coming from cities. Furthermore, 75% of Go Getter's audience is made up of corporates and entrepreneurs. This makes Go Getter a great choice for brands looking to reach an urban, professional, and well-educated audience.

Filghts Per Day
10 Lakh+
Monthly Passengers

Go Getter magazine is an excellent advertising platform that provides brands with a unique opportunity to reach a diverse and captive audience. Its strong readership, diverse audience, and exclusive distribution to FlyGoFirst passengers make it a desirable option for advertisers. Demographically, the audience of Go Getter is urban, professional, and well-educated, making it an excellent choice for brands looking to reach such an audience.

Interested parties can contact the company directly to find out more about advertising opportunities in Go Getter. While the magazine works with Go Air & its publishing agencies to help brands reach their target audience, there are a variety of ways in which brands can advertise in Go Getter. Print ads are a traditional advertising method in which an ad is placed in the print edition of the magazine. This is a great option for brands looking to reach a wide audience and create brand awareness.

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