Airline Advertising Agency in India

Airline Advertising Agency in India

Airline Advertising Agency in India

Airline media advertising is a part of out-of-home advertising where the brands try to reach the target audience who are travelling for work or leisure purposes. Observing the current scenario it would be wrong to say that only affluent people opt for airline travel. The sudden rise in airline passengers is a result of lower travel fares, easy online ticket booking, availability of wide airline options to choose from and attractive travel packages. Airlines advertising is the most target-specific advertising technique. The greatest benefit of Airline media advertisement is that it becomes easy to address & target decision-makers, business tycoons and influential people who are difficult to reach via other media. Turning awareness and inspiration into engagement, Aviation Spaces is the best Airline Advertising Agency in India. 

Airline Advertising Options

Below mentioned are some of the most common and frequently used Airline Advertising Options

Promotional Emailers: With Emailers, get direct access to the Airline consumer database where emails with customized messages from the advertisers, are delivered to customers’ inboxes.

Boarding Pass: A premium airline advertising option, available at the back of the customers' boarding passes.

Tarmac Coach: Tarmac coaches are used for transporting passengers from the Airline terminals to the aircraft and vice-versa. These coaches offer a closed environment to the passengers where they can be exposed to your brand through branding on the panels & hand grabs.

Step Ladder: As soon as a passenger climbs on the Ramp, the head-on and the side panels can be clearly seen and used for branding purposes.

Aircraft Wrap: Very premium advertising option available to showcase your brand to the commuters. 

Product Sampling: Advertisers can distribute samples of their products like sachets, coupons, brochures, vouchers etc with the help of cabin crew during a flight. A direct handover not only creates more impact but also ensures high brand recall value and effectively boosts sales. Product sampling/flyer distribution on board allows 99% of passengers to remember the brand.

Announcement: The flight crew members can deliver a customised announcement about your brand/product to passengers through the inflight PA system grabbing the attention of the maximum audience.

Menu Cards: Available inside the back pocket for every passenger. One of the best ways to connect with them while they search for food options.

Headrest Covers: These ads are placed on the headrest of every single seat in such a way that once a passenger grabs his seat, the ad is right in front of him. High Visibility & High Recall!

Bulkhead: There are 2 Bulkheads in the front and 2 bulkheads in the rear. Option of placing different creatives on different bulkheads. Less to no clutter, large format size, and long dwell time ensure extremely high visibility & recall.

Seatback Devices: Seatback devices are considered flagship products which are placed right in front of every passenger, on the meal tray tables. Each seatback device in a row is visible to all 3 passengers seated.

Beverage Cups: These offer great visibility to not only the user but also the adjoining passengers seated around. 

Airline Advertisement Cost

Airline Advertisement Cost is based on several factors. One of the most important factors which decide the cost is the number of average flyers travelling via a specific carrier in a month. The more the average number of flyers, the higher the advertising cost is that particular plane will be. Other factors that decide airline advertising cost are the volume and position of the airline advertising options, the size of the Airline advertising option, the number of ads placed and the infrastructure required to maintain the ad.

Aviation Spaces provides out-of-the-box solutions in airline advertising with its unique and innovative solutions. Now, a large number of business and leisure passengers get to engage with your brand! 

Airline Advertising Agency Contact Number

Aviation Spaces is the pioneer in providing Inflight Media Solutions. We allow our clients the opportunity to use more than 120 media formats within Airlines and aeroplanes across the globe. Through airline advertising, your ad message will be placed directly in front of millions of potential customers. If you are looking for Airline Advertising Agency Contact Number, you can contact us at +91 8860007875 or +91 7678237402. Make your brand more visible – and make your innovative advertising campaigns count with us!

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