Advantages of Inflight Advertising

Advantages of Inflight Advertising

Advantages of Inflight Advertising

Inflight magazine advertising is undoubtedly gaining a lot of popularity over recent years. The reason is obviously its high viewership. Inflight advertising has managed to make an identity for itself in the world that is going digital. All thanks to their guaranteed reach and the audience's positive response, this credibility will not decrease any time soon in the near future. With the number of airlines in India increasing, it is bringing new unlimited opportunities for brands to advertise.

Who Should Advertise in In-Flight Magazines?

  • Brands having pan India presence
  • Brands looking to target premium/affluent audience
  • Brands looking for brand awareness marketing campaigns

Why Should Advertisers Advertise in In-Flight Magazines?

In a world that can’t stop making noise, getting some alone and intimate moments with the audience is every brand’s dream. In-flight magazine advertising provides brands with this opportunity. Following are some pointers that make in-flight magazine advertising different from other advertising mediums.

Listed below are 5 Advantages of Inflight Advertising which are most convincing, let’s have a look:

  • A Reach that Flies Across Boundaries

Advertising in an inflight magazine is the most common way of advertising inflight advertising. To some, these magazines may seem like an average magazine on a flight but it is actually a tool that cuts down geographical boundaries and truly gets your word out in the open. Whether based on geographical origin, routes or destination, the possibilities of reach with inflight advertising are truly endless!

  • Captive Audience

Unlike other modes of travel, people on planes are disconnected from the outside world. In-flight magazines get undivided attention from the captive audience for the next 2-3 hours.

  • Less Clutter

In-flight magazines are light reads with short articles, pictures, news, travel information and products on sale. The number of ads is much lesser as compared to other magazines.

  • Premium Audience

Airlines include a large number of people travelling and each one of them is unique in character by shopping habits, personal preferences or purchasing power. Hence, a single ad in a magazine here can tap into a variety of potential audiences with ease. Travelling by flight is still considered a luxury in India. People travelling by flight are usually corporate workers or affluent individuals having high purchasing power and intent.

  • Longer Shelf Life of Brand Messages

A television advertisement lasts for a few seconds. A newspaper advertisement lasts for a day. But this is not the case with inflight magazines, they have a lifespan of 6 months. Additionally, its credibility and higher SOV (Share of Voice) as you’re up in the air make it a great option for advertisers.

If you have only been focusing on traditional methods and digital advertising, it is high time you try your luck in inflight advertising. Not using this option would mean missing out on a big-time opportunity to take your business towards new heights of success. Now that you know inflight advertising is sure to work, get ready to run an ad campaign at the earliest. Aviation Spaces provides impeccable airline advertising solutions. We ensure strong strategies to increase visibility, engage audiences to deliver experiences that attract, delight and retain customers & drive your business forward for airline advertising in India. Being one of the top Inflight Advertising Agency working closely with domestic airline networks, we provide clients with the best rates. Contacts us!

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