Digital Screen is the most recent technology available in aeroplanes. Wherein instead of seat installed small screens, the traveller will have the liberty to utilise the inflight wifi to connect their phones with and watch their favourite content on the plane with utmost satisfaction. The companies that want to advertise their products and services can contact us to show off themselves on the personal devices of the travellers. Aviation spaces offer Digital Screen advertising at the most efficient rates and we make sure that the designed advertisement stays glued in the head of travellers.

Now choose from a wide range of the latest critically-acclaimed movies, hilarious stand-up acts, popular podcasts, daily news, amazing games, unbelievable trip deals and compelling regional content. What's more, you can also book your cab from mid-air. So sit back, relax and enjoy the SpiceScreen experience.

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SpiceScreen lets flyers choose from a wide range of latest movies & popular TV shows, play games, book travel while giving brands a chance to advertise and engage with captive flyers.

ShowCase your Brand in Air

Spice Screen -Big Data

User Adoption


Heighest Ever in the World

Vedio Session Time

44 Mins

5X the duration of OTT Platform

Game Session Time

8 Mins

2X the duration of On Ground Platforms

User Clicks 30M
Unique Users 4.8M
Video 240 Lacs
Games 34 Lacs
Food & Beverage 24 Lacs

Customer Connect

Step 1

Enable Airplane Mode

Step 2

Connect to SpiceScreen Wi-Fi

Step 3

Type in browser or scan the QR code

Spice Screen Permotions

A Complete home-to-home Platform Where SpiceScreen Engages and Entertains the
flyer at every stage of thire Journey

Contact Aviation spaces, and advertise yourself on digital screens today. Advertising made easy on aeroplanes by us!